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Cogia Intelligence offers innovative tools for secure communication with military-grade encryption, AI-based products and solutions in the areas of customer experience, web and social media monitoring, market research and open source intelligence.


Cogia's Customer Experience Manager is your central point for managing customer feedback. Collect all customer feedback in one place, handle complaints or enquiries collaboratively and perform extensive analysis - supported by artificial intelligence.


Manage your social media channels without much effort. Sometoo is the perfect tool for this - the ideal  companion for all companies that are building their own valuable community or want to expand this.

Our tool is also a win for all influencers. 


Protect your company proactively with Searcheye. With this solution, Cogia provides you with a risk radar that uses artificial intelligence to identify threats at an early stage based on web data. Be it possible physical threats to people or imminent attacks on IT security.

The only SaaS connector platform you need. quickly connects and integrates data from a wide range of systems, not only helping you gain new insights, but also increasing the value of your products and solutions.




The experience and professional success of the managing director, Pascal Lauria, led to the creation of Cogia.



Initial public offering Düsseldorf. Listed on the primary market since October 2021.



Share capital with 3,500,000 bearer shares in over-the-counter trading and 19% free float.



There are now over 10,000 retailers testing and using our products.


Cogia, based in Frankfurt am Main and operating internationally, offers cross-sector, intelligent digital products and solutions. We help companies to improve the customer experience, monitor relevant topics on the web, use social networks profitably or secure internal communication.

Work with 10x more influencers in half the time

Influverse is your one-stop platform for micro-influencer marketing. Discover thousands of suitable micro-influencers & content creators in seconds with the help of smart search filters and AI-supported algorithms. Start semi-automated campaigns with your favorites quickly and easily.

We can do lifestyle too

Trust our satisfied customers!

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Cogia gives us complete coverage so we don't miss any important information. I especially appreciate the reliability of the service. I feel well cared for and well advised. Change requests are implemented quickly and flexibly by my consultant. 

Thomas Laker

SOS Children's Village

Cogia offers the added value that text and sentiment analyzes are offered in more than 40 languages and the results can be easily integrated into our CMS.

Volker Spahn
TTR Group Ltd

Social media as a chance



With more than 4.62 billion social network users, the social web has become the most important place for public communication. Use the data available here to give your decisions a reliable basis.



Use our well-structured and intuitive monitoring and analysis tools to evaluate the position of your company and your products in digital communication, also in comparison to competitors.



Build your web presence and increase the reach of your marketing efforts as well as awareness of your products and brands with our engagement tool.

Our approach


The application analyses all data collected on the web based on mathematical-statistical as well as linguistic principles. This process is supported by artificial intelligence.

Project experience

The world's best-known brands trust Cogia. Benefit from our excellent contacts. Through years of experience and excellent relationships, Cogia has built up a network of partners. This means that we can also meet individual requirements quickly and cost-effectively.

IT Winner

In 2017, Cogia GmbH received the prestigious Step Award from FAZ Fachverlag in the IT category. The award was given for the company's technological achievements in the field of big data analytics, particularly with regard to the automatic recognition of patterns in texts through the use of artificial intelligence.

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“Cogia provides us with complete coverage so that we don't miss any important information. I especially appreciate the reliability of the service. I feel well advised and taken care of all around. Requests for changes are implemented quickly and flexibly by my contact person.”

Thomas Laker

SOS Children's Village

Many well-known companies trust in our expertise and have successfully implemented numerous projects with us.

Crowd investing for Cogia Ag

Seedmatch is one of the leading platforms for corporate crowd investing in Germany. With Seedmatch you have the opportunity to invest online in dynamic start-ups and established, fast-growing companies from 250 euros (also known as equity-based crowdfunding) and thus participate in the economic success of the companies. Like a business angel, you can set up your own company portfolio and invest in exciting future industries such as FinTech and BioTech.


More than 77,000 registered users have already gained experience with this form of investment and have invested almost EUR 69,500,000 in innovative ideas. Companies such as erdbär, XLETIX, Lottohelden, LeaseRad, atalanda, SugarShape, Pickawood, SoFlow and Primal State Venture Capital have acquired the pioneer in crowd investing. 

Investment information sheet according to §§ 2a, 13 VermAnlG, you can see under m Download button.

Socializer Messenger

Users and companies all over the world are already using our Socializer Messenger for their business and benefit from the more than 50 different features, some of them unique, which ensure secure communication, including facial recognition. Thanks to end-to-end encryption at military level, you always retain control over your data.

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