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Work with 10x more influencers in half the time. Discover thousands of suitable micro-influencers & content creators in seconds using smart search filters and AI-supported algorithms. Then start semi-automated campaigns quickly and easily with your favorites.

Socializer Messenger

We strive for security, are committed to the highest standards and respect your privacy. With military-grade end-to-end encryption, you're always in control of your personal messages, photos, videos and documents. Nobody else can access it.


Cogia's Customer Experience Manager is your hub for managing customer feedback. Collect all customer feedback in one place, manage issues collaboratively and perform extensive analysis - supported by artificial intelligence.

text mining

Text mining means the automatic evaluation of text documents in relation to topics, relevant keywords or semantic relationships and the analysis of tonality, emotional orientation. The database here is usually the free comments in surveys and interviews, for example on customer satisfaction.


With big data, AI and machine learning, we help to develop new medicines and therapies.


Manage your social media channels in just 5 minutes a day.

web audit

Visibility and positioning of your company on the web and social media.


Editorial summaries of relevant information and analysis. Our experts point out the trends and patterns that are important for your business field.

Our iPaaS platform gives you the tools to integrate, map and visualize data from different systems with easy troubleshooting you can get more value from your data without being distracted from your core business.

Memo News

With MeMo News you know what is written about your company and your products on the Internet.

Define search agents that keep an eye on everything for you and, if you wish, inform you about new posts by e-mail.

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