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Know what's being said on the web.

entry-level solution

MeMo News is our entry-level solution for web, media and social media monitoring. An application that can be operated intuitively and which provides you with all the important news and articles on the topics that are relevant to you at low cost, almost in real time. Create easy-to-define agents with an unlimited number of search terms and keep them an overview of current developments and trends.


The results are displayed on a clear dashboard, which also provides interactive graphs on trend development and sentiment history. MeMo News also extracts the essential keywords and shows you the most active influencers in the area of social media. The results can be easily integrated into your own workflows.

Stay informed

MeMo News automatically provides you with daily e-mail reports on your topics. You can also be notified immediately when there is interesting news. The results are also available to you as an RSS feed, which you can embed in your own pages. With MeMo News, you'll always be up to date on all topics that interest you, whether it's about your own company, your own products and brands, or your competitors.

Detailed analyses

With MeMo News you always know what is written about your company and your products on the Internet.

Define search agents that keep an eye on everything for you and, if you wish, inform you about new posts by e-mail.

our philosophy

We are a company that wants to help you present yourself correctly on the social web. We are particularly committed to the goal of providing the best service, always and everywhere. To achieve this, we rely on a strong team and good communication. Social media is a passion and we have made it ours.

our mission

We want to help build and optimize your social media channels. There are countless voices that can be heard online, but it is important to listen to the right people. All of our products help you to channel the flood of data and to contact your customers efficiently and well prepared.

Our vision

We have made it our task to find solutions for you on how you can optimally interact with your customers on the web. We truly believe that we can give you the opportunity to push yourself and create something great. Likewise, we strive to make the best possible for you.

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