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​Optimize your customer satisfaction

​Der Cogia CXM ist Ihre Zentrale für das gesamte Management von Kundenfeedback. Alle Rückmeldungen an einem Ort, intuitives and efficient issue management and extensive analyzes - supported by artificial intelligence.

AI-based text analysis

We use powerful algorithms to automatically analyze all customer feedback.

your headquarters

Use your customers' feedback to improve your products, strengthen customer relationships and increase customer loyalty.

1. Collect

All customer feedback is collected centrally.

2. Supervise

The Hot Alert Manager reacts immediately to (critical) feedback.

3. Analyze

The data is analyzed and statistically processed in a central dashboard: clear, filtered, exportable.

4. Plan

The necessary actions are assigned directly in the tool to those responsible for customer-centric action management.


Social Media Monitoring

Keep an eye on all touch points. Communicate with all customers on social media and web.

Powerful BI reporting

Extensive report functions, directly integrated in CXM. Simple self-reporting through intuitive filters.

Safe & reliable

Hosted in a German data center,

certified according to ISO 27001/PCI-DSS.

SLA: up to 98.5% reliability.

Daily backups.

All in one platform

Cogia CXM covers the entire process of data acquisition and analysis.

This allows for a unified, consistent

Interface, fast training and high

data compatibility.

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