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With big data, AI and machine learning, we help to develop new medicines and therapies.

Cogia Biotech Ltd, a newly formed subsidiary of Cogia GmbH in Germany, is a big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) software company that uses powerful AI engines and algorithms to deliver compelling results in drug development to achieve.

Cogia Big Data

We use machine learning to search for information and patterns in a virtually unlimited number of data spaces - databases, file systems, internet, intranets...


We automatically categorize and index such data based on search ontologies. We analyze using AI and semantics and present our results in a structured form for further analysis, research or categorization.

It uses the latest machine learning algorithms, whether supervised or unsupervised, and neural networks where appropriate.

success through training

Cogia Biotech's AI development team performs the data validation. A machine learning training set with different models and different approaches is used to determine whether the selected sets of markers give promising results. If yes we have a solution, if not we repeat the process with new sets of markers until a success is reached.

The data is processed by biologists, who filter a preliminary set of gene markers and select possible candidates  for new drugs.

Cogia's Advantage

The architecture of the Cogia Big Data, AI and ML engines and algorithms is superior at pattern recognition in  data from public and private Big Data sources and automatically classifying and categorizing such data.

mission statement

Cogia Big Data's underlying AI and ML engines have already proven themselves in various disciplines, including brand management, user experience, fintech and pharma.

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