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The solution for analyzing internal data

Text mining means the automatic evaluation of text documents in relation to topics, relevant keywords or semantic relationships and the analysis of tonality, emotional orientation. The database here is usually the free comments in surveys and interviews, for example on customer satisfaction.

  • Recognizes patterns, but also striking differences in the answers of the respondents and also identifies slight deviations that would otherwise be lost in the data volume.

  • Helps generate hypotheses for future surveys and provides a basis for strategic planning.

  • Delivers a structured overview of heterogeneous amounts of data and visualizes the results in graphics that can be understood intuitively.

Integration into own CRM systems

Secure interfaces for sensitive data

Data output also in XML or CSV format


text mining?

Online panels, surveys, telephone interviews - market research agencies have huge amounts of data that are constantly being updated and evaluated. This is very time-consuming and cost-intensive. Especially if not only given answers are allowed, but also individual comments.


This is exactly where Cogia Intelligence can support the analysis. For several years we have been a proven partner of market research companies with a software package that not only collects and sorts information, but is also able to extract and analyze data from so-called open questions.


Optimal interaction

Our system offers open interfaces so that all data can be imported without problems, even via protected connections.

Internal coding can be adopted

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