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Manage your social media channels with little effort.

With Sometoo, you no longer have to switch between your channels to publish, monitor, or reply to your posts.

You can plan all updates in advance and sit back and relax: your posts will be automatically posted on the selected social networks at the best possible time for your fans and followers.

One click video uploader on Youtube

German made software

Play all channels with one click

The 7 most important networks, including XING and Instagram

one place

All followers and fans in one place.

Read and reply to user comments from different social networks on a single dashboard in real time. With a shitstorm notification feature, you'll never miss an important piece of feedback. No matter how many accounts you have, whether 1, 2 or 10 - you no longer have to be constantly logged in to all social networks, to be able to communicate with your fans at any time.

Shitstorm alert

Shitstorms can no longer catch you off guard. Sometoo sounds the alarm at the slightest sign of this, so you can react faster and act better.


All unanswered reactions in one place. For a quick overview and professional task management.

Watchlist & 24/7 Keywords Alert

Our alert system identifies potentially critical comments around the clock and informs you immediately.

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