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Socializer Messenger


Our Socializer Messenger gives you back control and privacy in digital communication! At any time. Overall.

Your chats are for your eyes only! A unique feature that uses facial recognition technology instantly hides all chats with people you've given "private status" when someone other than you is looking at your phone .

The all in one
communication suite

Your chats are for your eyes only!

Privacy in your hands

True privacy in digital communication

Secure communication and powerful media management

​We strive for security, are committed to the highest standards and respect your privacy. With military-grade end-to-end encryption, you're always in control of your personal messages, photos, videos and documents. No one else can access it.​ It also includes secure local file storage, editing tools for your documents and photos, document signing and secure backup functions.

Finally safe

Your messages won't fall into the wrong hands.

Companies and users worldwide already use our tap-proof messenger for their business and benefit from more than 50 different features, some of which are unique, that ensure secure communication, including facial recognition, releases messages only to specific people. If another person is detected, the Socializer Messenger automatically hides content that has been set to private. It can hide not only individual text messages and chats, but also all types of documents present in the chat and archive.

To get an overview of Socializer Messenger's Features click here
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