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Alerts & News clipping

Alerts - Immediate notifications about all important events. You decide HOW OFTEN, WHEN and ABOUT WHAT you want to be informed! 

Our alert system keeps you up to date via email about all the news relevant to you. Nothing can catch them off guard anymore.

You are spared unpleasant surprises.


Perfect tight

Interplay with


Impending dangers and risks are recognized early

Play efficiently

Regular alerts

Would you like to be informed about all relevant monitoring results ad hoc or only at certain times? Our filters adapt to your main topics and search queries and work with the greatest possible precision.

Event-oriented alerts

These alerts are only triggered under certain conditions, for example because the number of documents dealing with a selected topic increases significantly or because the tonality changes drastically.

News clipping

Optimal interaction

Summary of all alerts that are relevant to you.

The results are compiled in a structured and clear manner in a report in your preferred layout.

Informed quickly and in real time about everything important

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