Web Observer 3.0

Monitoring Tool

A unique solution for the automatic monitoring of web and social media content.

The Web Observer 3.0 offers:
  • widget-based dashboards for presenting all required information and analyses
  • a multi-client enabled monitoring system for the search, interactive analysis, statistical evaluations and visualizations (Tag Cloud, Relation Browser, Benchmark, Term Relation, Topic Map, etc.) [rev_slider EN_Web_Observer]


Real time monitoring of social media channels as well as forums and blogs



Our procedure

The proceeded methods of textual analysis– on the basis of mathematical-statistical and linguistic methods – include language recognition, summary, information extraction and sentiment analysis for all prevalent languages including Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

Why Web Observer 3.0?
  • wide collection and coverage of data with a long-term effect
  • involvement of all available digital sources (including print and audio/video)
  • multi-lingual document processing
  • intuitive user interface
  • modern GUI with 20 interactive charts (widgets)
  • automatic extraction of the single posts on social media sites
  • precision during data filtering by the applied categorization approaches
  • evaluation of social media channels in real time
  • an incremental crawling generates topicality of web data at intervals of two hours
  • automated translation function
  • comprehensive alert system
  • executable at tablet PCs
  • online seminar (‘webinar’) and test access to get to know the tool
  • modular pricing oriented towards the customer
  • complete service (software as a service)
  • high-availability of safety operations
  • intensive supervision (hotline support)
  • an editing console provides independence from the manufacturer
  • participation in the user group (release planning)
  • editorially created management-reports
  • editorially created special analyses/audits