Web Audit

Status-quo analysis of the positioning of companies on the Web and in social media

CI Web Audit is the perfect product for companies who want to know how their company or their products are perceived. Are there plans for a new marketing promotion or a new marketing strategy? Every strategic or operative enterprise should be based on a detailed knowledge of the positioning of the own company as well as of the competitors.

The Web Audit provides:

  • a detailed situation analysis of the online-communication in your company
  • a clear description of the relevant connections with the help of easy-to-interpret graphs and matrix tables which are generated by an intelligent data analysis
    • identification of relevant sources
    • analysis of the positioning
    • sentiment analysis
    • trend analysis
    • image analysis
    • share of voice analysisquantitative and qualitative analyses:
    • competition analysis
    • identification of top topics
    • analysis of the customer communication
    • identifying target groups


Why Web Audit from Cogia?
  • acquisition of an indispensable basis for the development of the communication strategy
  • a detailed situation analysis of the online communication in your company
  • identification of the own strengths and weaknesses
  • competitive positioning
  • wide collection and coverage of data with a long-term effect
  • research in any sources available in digital form, including intranets and databases
  • modular pricing oriented towards the customer
  • local and mental proximity to the customer
  • flexible and quick reaction time