Text Mining

Product for analysis of internal data

Online data collection, questionnaire activities, telephone interviews – market research companies possess an immense amount of internal data which is constantly renewing and which has to be evaluated permanently. This is very time consuming and costly. Especially when one works not only with given answer options but the respondents have the possibility to comment on individual points.

Here Cogia Intelligence is able to give support to the analysis. For several years we are an approved partner of market research companies with a software suite which not only collects and indexes information from the internet but also is able to analyze the data collected from the surveys, especially in view of free-text fields.

The Cogia-System offers open interfaces so that the basis data can be imported without difficulty. For the analyses a proven ‘bundle’ of tested text mining technology is used whereby the comments can be evaluated according to different criteria.

Also and especially market research companies benefit from the technological competence of Cogia – thanks to the fast and precise evaluation of the comment fields. It

  • delivers a structured overview of heterogeneous data;
  • detects patterns and conspicuous differences in the answers of the surveyed respondents;
  • identifies also ‘weak’ signals which otherwise would be lost in random noise;
  • visualises the results in intuitive understandable graphs;
  • helps to achieve hypotheses for future surveys;
  • provides important reference points with regard to strategic planning


Why Text Mining from Cogia?
  • wide collection and coverage of data with a long-term effect
  • own search engine
  • thematically organized catalog
  • multi-lingual document processing
  • intuitive user interface
  • precision in the data filtering
  • vertical indices
  • an incremental crawling generates topicality at intervals of two hours
  • research in any sources available in digital form, thereby also in intranets and in databases
  • executable at tablet PCs
  • online seminar (‘webinar’) and test access to get to know the tool
  • modular pricing oriented towards the customer
  • complete service (software as a service)
  • high-availability of safety operations
  • intensive supervision (hotline support)