Continuous analysis of web and social media content

CI Reports is used especially by companies which do not have sufficient resources to take care for the necessary processing of the monitoring results themselves.


The reports contain analyses to problems such as:
  • which issues are under active discussion?
  • which Likes/Dislikes can be detected?
  • what current trends are identifiable?
  • who are the opinion leaders? Where do they articulate themselves?
  • can certain target groups be identified? 

The early identification of emerging trends makes it possible to companies to direct their campaigns with the best possible value. The knowledge acquired this way meanwhile is a ‘must’ in the field of the image and reputation management.


Why Report from Cogia?
  • early detection of problems and potential crises → crisis prevention
  • uncovering trends → optimization of campaigns and advertisement
  • to identify customer requests and make use of the customer knowledge → optimization of customer satisfaction
  • analysis of customer communication → identification of multilpliers and opinion leaders
  • wide data collection and data covering with long-term archiving
  • internet search in all digital available sources, including intranet and databases
  • modular pricing oriented towards the customer needs
  • intensive supervision (hotline support)
  • local and mental proximity to the customer
  • editorially created special analyses (analyses of sources; web analyses etc.)