Engagement Tool

Cogia Intelligence extends the product suite with the engagement console module.

  • the integration of all own social media channels on one dashboard
  • the creation and commenting of contributions
  • the synchronization of the posts in all addressed social networks
  • the planning of posts in advance
  • the evaluation of social media channels in real time
  • the viewing of images and videos within the tool
  • CRM connection including the storage of:
    • customer numbers
    • membership numbers
    • transaction numbers
    • tags / keywords
  • statistics:
    • number of the total present posts per network
    • number of the comments per network
    • number of the identified users per network (Unique User)
  • entire multi-client capability of the system. Social media channels of diverse mandates can be administered in one user interface.
  • assignment of different roles and access rights for users:
    • administrator: has all rights which are necessary for the management for the social media communication
    • editor: depending on the setting he has the right to send messages directly or only after a close examination
    • reporter: has a read-only permission and only has access to the overview page and to the statistics
  • a blacklist which allows the definition of critical terms. Do they appear in the communication an alert will be triggered




Why Engagement Tool from Cogia?
  • one single dashboard for all social media channels
  • entire multi-client capability
  • online seminar (‘webinar’) and test access to get to know the tool
  • multi-lingual document processing
  • evaluation of social media channels in real time
  • modular pricing oriented towards the customer
  • high-availability of safety operations
  • intensive supervision (hotline support)
  • local and mental proximity to the customer
  • flexible and quick to react
  • intuitive user interface
  • executable at tablet PCs