Immediate notifications about all relevant events

CI Alert keeps you informed via email about all information that is relevant for you and you will be spared unwelcome surprises.

You decide
WHAT ABOUT, HOW FREQUENTLY and WHEN you want to be informed!



Event-oriented Alerts

The alerts are depending on a special occasion. The alert is triggered automatically as soon as either the amount of documents referring to a certain subject has exceeded a limit value to be set, or as soon as the tonality of the documents on a given subject has shifted by a percentage to be determined. The exceedance of the relevant limit values is related to actual average values in a certain period of time.


Regularly Alerts

You would like to be informed ad hoc by e-mail or at specific times about all the new relevant monitoring results relating to your search queries or to certain subjects? Then you should use the “Regularly Alerts” from Cogia Intelligence.



Why Alerts von Cogia?
  • Noticing difficulties and potential risks early→Crisis prevention
  • Immediate notifications about all relevant events
  • Research in any sources available in digital form,  including intranets and databases
  • Modular pricing oriented towards the customer
  • Intensive supervision (hotline support)
  • Local and mental proximity to the customer

News Clipping

This feature will give you an overview of all the alerts which are established and relevant for you. All results will be compiled in a structured way in an e-mail and sent to you – in the layout of your choice.

Why News Clipping from Cogia?
  • wide range data collection and data covering with long-term archiving
  • Multi-lingual document processing
  • automatic extraction of single posts of social media sites
  • precision during data filtering by the applied categorization approaches
  • evaluation of social media channels in real time
  • an incremental crawling generates topicality at intervals of two hours
  • research in any sources available in digital form, including intranets and databases
  • modular pricing oriented towards the customer
  • high-availability of safety operations
  • intensive supervision (hotline support)
  • local and mental proximity to the customer
  • flexible and quick to react
  • editorially created management reports
  • editorially created special analyses (analyses of sources; web analyses etc.)