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Cogia GmbH adds Cogia Customer Experience Manager to its portfolio


Cogia GmbH, leading provider of web monitoring services, is expanding its product portfolio with the new solution in the area of "customer satisfaction": Cogia Customer Experience Manager (Cogia CXM).

Cogia GmbH's innovative, AI-based technology, which received the STEP Award from the F.A.Z. publishing house in 2017, has been convincing its customers for years. It is used by market researchers and agencies primarily in the evaluation of customer satisfaction surveys. The success of the application in this area led to specialization and further development of the product, resulting in the new Cogia CXM application.

The Cogia CXM’s users can expect the cockpit for the entire customer feedback management. Supported by artificial intelligence, all customer feedback is collected in one place, managed and analyzed with an intuitive and efficient issue management system. In this way, users can collect qualitative findings for the steering committee, define further measures and monitor their realisation.

"We have developed this software based on the needs and wishes of our customers, and of course it serves to actively improve the satisfaction of their customers," says Pascal Lauria, CEO and founder of Cogia GmbH. "Our goal was to support our users as much as possible in Customer Experience Management, and according to the initial feedback, we have succeeded in doing so.”

Cogia CXM also makes it possible to carry out customer surveys based on self-created online questionnaires in the corporate design across all channels such as e-mail, SMS, MMS, messenger, POS at the various customer contact points. It helps to evaluate these with powerful analysis tools and, thanks to the integrated task manager, to plan and control activities.

"(Intelligent) Text Mining in Market Research" - German Society for Online Research publishes compendium with a contribution by Cogia


German Society for Online Research publishes the first volume of its new publication series "Kompendium der Online-Forschung" ("Compendium of Online Research") with specialist articles by experts from the industry.

Among them is an article by Thomas Reuter, chief editor of Cogia: "Automatic semantic analyses for online market research", in which the author deals with the use of text mining methods for the evaluation of public comments.

The publication is in German. It is available free of charge as a PDF file and can be downloaded from the following link.

Enjoy the read!

Cogia Intelligence and Oryx Technologies agreed on a long term invested strategical alliance


Frankfurt / Dubai, January 10, 2017 – Today Cogia Intelligence, an innovative provider in the area of web and social media monitoring and Big Data Analytics, and Oryx Technologies, a leading IT technology enterprise, with headquarters in Dubai agreed on a long term invested strategical alliance.

The purpose of this partnership is the collaboration in sales and the development of Social Media Monitoring solutions.

Oryx Technologies is a leading IT enterprise in the Arabic region and will distribute the Cogia Intelligence products and solutions. In addition, Oryx Technologies delivers the most modern IT technologies which are integrated into the Cogia Intelligence solutions.

„We are proud to have found a partner with Oryx Technologies which has been established in the United Arab Emirates for many years, with which we can bundle the special competence of both enterprises “, per Pascal Lauria, Manager Cogia Intelligence.

„The Cogia Intelligence products in the area of Social Media and Web Monitoring are a sensible supplement to our present product portfolio in the areas of: Commercial process optimization and automation as well as production of individual solutions for enterprise and web applications, per Carsten Gelzinus, CEO, Oryx Technologies

About Oryx Technologies:

Oryx Technologies is a leading provider of technology and solutions for the automation and management of documents and data-centric business processes across the GCC. They are experts in end-to-end Enterprise IT solutions. Their core focus is process optimization and automatization while striving to minimize clients’ input and maximizing the outcome. Oryx Technologies provides solutions for your company’s specific business needs with their proven technology and consulting offerings. Explore your opportunities.

Since 2007 Socialware Italy Italy offers its customers Monitoring of their Web Reputation,

Cogia Intelligence aquired MeMo News


In September 2015, Cogia acquired the Swiss company “MeMo News”, which is a leading provider of online news and social media monitoring services. MeMo News has approximately 100 customers which were taken over by Cogia. With this acquisition, Cogia strengthens its position in the DACH-market and expands its portfolio with a cost-effective solution.

New German Publication at Springer


“Corporate Semantic Web. Wie semantische Anwendungen in Unternehmen Nutzen stiften”

Cogia is pleased to announce that the book “Corporate Semantic Web” has recently been published in electronic and print format. The Managing Director Pascal Lauria contributed to this book as an expert of the semantic analysis and wrote a chapter “Semantische Analyse großer Datenbestände aus unternehmensinternen und externen Quellen”.

Cogia Intelligence is a part of GBI Europe 2015.

GBI 2015, June 7 – 13, 2015

Gogia GmbH takes part in this charity event for the fifth time and this year Pascal Lauria, Managing Director of Cogia, cycles from Venice (Italy) to Stuttgart (Germany), across the Alps, within the GBI community.

GBI Event GmbH

The global organization’s main focus is on continuously developing the Global Biking Initiative in multiple dimensions by:

• expanding the global footprint by adding new GBI countries to the global map,
• attracting more and more people to cycle with us every year,
• increasing the raised funds by investing some of our time in supporting less privileged people in the world.

GBI Event GmbH organizes the main cycling event, which is the annual GBI Europe tour attended by several hundred participants from all over the world and crossing multiple countries.

Cogia GmbH Announces Partnership with Socialware Italy


Cogia GmbH announced a new strategic partnership with Web Marketing company Socialware Italy to provide their clients and partners with innovative solutions for web and social media monitoring, market research and competitive intelligence.

Since 2007 Socialware Italy Italy offers its customers Monitoring of their Web Reputation, Search Engines Visibility, Social Media Marketing, Web Analytics, Search Engine Optimisation, SEM and Pay Per Click campaigns etc.