What we do

Our aim is to support companies and organizations with the optimal use of the information available by indexing textually and structuring and processing the existing digitalized knowledge with the help of automated procedures. This way we offer our clients innovative products for efficiency enhancement and cost reduction particularly in the field of information searches, information handling and knowledge management.

Cogia Insights:

Our solutions open up the possibility to search for information according to individual requirements in different data spaces – internet, intranets, data banks or file systems – by using an universal interface and process the information gathered automatically and organize it thematically and present it in a structured way and make it accessible again.

Our products and developments can be applied by companies of all branches and divisions. The products are embedded in an integrative servicing concept.

It encompasses all stages of a project cycle – starting with the analysis of the problem and the conceptual consultation and continuing with the implementation of the systems to the ASP services.